Emma Frank's voice is midway between Dido and Joan Bias. A contemporary vocal with a folk acoustic spirit. Each track on this album is a searing reach into the depths of the human soul. If you are feeling cynical and careworn by life this album will restore your faith in the human spirit and will leave once again on a level where you desire to connect with people. This beautiful album is as smooth as liquid caramel.

'I Thought' is the first track on this album which starts us off with soothing languid gentle waves of sound that shimmer with gold lustre. 'Either Way' is a stand out track that has a sweet folk vibration which is accompanied only by a piano:

'I will try and understand either way
Maybe you still love me maybe you don't
Either you will or you won't'

Simplicity is the key for both musical arrangement and lyrics for all the tracks on this album, and it is this 'Less is more' approach that makes Emma Frank's music work so well on so many levels. Simplicity creates a dynamic directness for the listener.

A quality voice such as Emma Frank's needs no embellishment. Her voice does not need to be boosted by electronic trickery and complex back music. This is a pure sound, and the quality of her voice resonates with the listener on a personal level. 'Sometimes' is a long slow bath in acoustic loveliness. 'Promises' feels like a nod to 'The Carpenters' or 'The Mamas and Papas' 'Dream a little dream of me' there is a soulful and seventies feel to this track. 'Dream Team' is a quick warbling scale soaring track like a bird in flight, and 'See you' is a jazzy and fresh reflective love song. 'Before you go away' is a gentle plea for more thought and love from a loved one.

The most refreshing part of Emma Frank's music is that these tracks are often about love and emotion but they totally repeal any cliques in their concept. So instead of repeating the same old love songs we have heard time and time again, Emma Frank has found a fresh perspective and made it her own.

A life affirming and connective album with pure emotion.