I really enjoyed Austin Gold’s first album ‘Before Dark Clouds’ as well as their live performances in support of the release and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next album.
That won’t be out for a while so the band have released this 6 track mini-album as a vinyl or download only release.

I’d say that they are one of the better members of the NWOCR scene.
They made a big noise, riff full and backed up with some stirring keyboards while the rhythm section are one of the most powerful around at the moment and throughout this short EP they really nail their creds to the mast.

Dave Smith’s vocals are as strong and impassioned as on the first album and the thing that seems to have changed in the interim is that they are tighter and more confident about their sound.

Oddly enough, my favourite track here is probably the least ‘hard’ in ‘Starlight’ where they incorporate some sixties psych grooves behind a more melodic tone – it sets them apart from the Classic Rock pack and it really is a track to dig again and again.

I also really like ‘You Got It All’ – a furious rocker with a terrific riff and a dark edge to it. I’d love to see the video that would make.

It may only be an interim release but it definitely shows that the band are on a good path and when the next full length album drops it sounds like it will be a cracker.