“We want the funk! Gotta have that funk!”, a chant echoed around the world. The groove that hit the dance-floors in mid-60s America has been felt the world over having permeated into nearly every genre whether its a funk breakdown in a hard rock track or the samples that created and defined a generation of hip hop. Funk collective The Black City bring their punchy, groove-heavy sound from Turin, Italy to share with the world. Their latest release, Wake Up. The Funk takes some rock, Latin and reggae elements and infuses them into their brand of tight but loose funk.

The title track opens the album with a straight forward mission statement. Clacky guitars, pulsating bass and darting and dashing drums lock into that funky groove. The pros of being a power trio become apparent in the spaces between the notes. The players are in such lock-step that each syncopated beat is its own devastating jab. Bigger bands fill up all the spaces in between preventing the accents from piercing through to their full potential. 'Stone Free' sits on a wah-heavy groove while the vocals drift on dubby reggae effects. 'Hour of the Beasties' picks up to a driving breakbeat. Panned double vocals rule the track while a bubbling, chattering filtered bass makes this an analog, drum n' bass tinged gem.

'Cage' keeps it low-key with guitars echoing from out of a radio off in the distance. The rolling beat and slick as silk bass leans into the hip-hop influence and shows where funk and rap come together. 'Original Sound' leans into the reggae influence full on with all the upstroked guitar chks and regional percussion one expects from a record straight outta Jamrock. A rippin' guitar solo pushes the track out of lazy jammer territory.

The Black City prove that great funk can come from anywhere in the world. Wake Up. The Funk is a catchy, groovy record by a talented power trio.