Jeb Loy Nichols is what many may term an artist's artist. While his name may be not be one that hold's household status, his diverse and impressive back catalogue has ensured he has been rewarded with a very loyal fanbase and critical acclaim throughout his recording career that started in the early 90s as part of The Fellow Travellers. Having started his solo career in 1997 with Lovers Knot, he has constantly played with genre boundaries while maintaining a loyalty to the Americana and folk sounds that initially put him on the musical map. As he approaches his latest release, June Is Short, July Is Long, can the one-time Groove Armada collaborator prove himself once again to be ultimate genre-bender?

June Is Short, July Is Long is the perfect summer release. It immediately grabs your heart and soul, taking you on a journey with Jeb and his Westwood All-Stars that you will repeat time and again. This is a record that not just traverses genres, but also emotions and experiences. It is a completely relateable listening experience that is timeless in approach. Bringing a little bit of his Wyoming foundations to his rural Welsh setting, this is both Urban and Country, but most importantly it is brimming with soul.

Having teased the album release with supreme You Got It Wrong, it was clear that his latest album would be a journey away from 2017's Country Hustle, but it would not be without the good boy wanting to be bad demeanour. While it is an impressive cut, the album offers many more key moments. The most irresistible is the truly lush Think I'm Going To Fall In Love Today, which is one of the most tender gems you will hear this year. Coming a close second is the the most fragile and personal cut, How Can A Man (Live Without His Mother). An absolutely stunning ode, this is one that will have you reaching for the tissues.

Although the more touching emotional moments perhaps lead the way, this is a record that is perfect the warm summer evenings ahead. The glorious Last Train Home, Eagle Eye Cherry-esque In The Night Time and delicious Black Rooster are all key barbecue moments.

June Is Short, July Is Long is an album that shines from the moment you first listen, but grows in depth and beauty with each listen. This is a very strong contender for album of the year.