Emma Frank is a New York based artist who sings her love story of contemplation with a direct and intimate narrative. She has a voice like fresh honey slowly dripping through the pattern of a honeycomb. Her music combines elements of Folk and Jazz but defies genres.

This is music best listened to in a deep velvet sofa with a glass of your favourite wine as you allow yourself to be transported into Emma Frank's world. Emma creates a musical space in which she can safely express difficult emotions, and she allows us, the listener to also experience those emotions and to make sense of them. This particular single 'Either Way' is a cover of the Grammy award winning band 'Wilco' and is a track that is an expression of the acceptance that as individuals we do not always have control over the behaviour of a loved one but instead try to understand them either way.

The song has a universal appeal in it's theme. The single is taken from Emma's latest album 'Come Back' which features original songs written by Emma as well as this excellent cover single.

A great cover from a great original song which Emma Frank has successfully adapted to claim as her own.