All Points East – Sunday 2nd June 2019

Snail Mail
North Stage

Lindsey Jordan’s warm and soft guitar tone blends well with her vocal tone, accompanied by a very tight band. Her laid-back performance style gives an essence of complete control and confidence in her stage presence.

East Stage

Yellow jumpsuits and visors. A DIY Congolese band that get all the family dancing. Their upcycling techniques have created all types of instruments from scrap metal, tin cans and plastic containers.

Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi DJ Set
Jägerhaus Stage

A festival classic, Steve Davis, former professional snooker player, and Kavus Torabi, multi-instrumentalist, brought huge queues to the Jägerhaus stage.

Ry X
North Stage

Ry X is the perfect blend of soft vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar layers, string pads, ethereal synth melodies and drum pad beats. He has mastered the art of making the audience feel relaxed and want to dance at the same time. The late afternoon sun made a beautiful image on the stage of warmth and dust, the on-stage smoke machines and high winds mixed to form twists and patterns underneath the rounded cylindrical dome of the North Stage.

Bon Iver
East Stage – Headliner

A Bon Iver fan’s dream performance.

They kick off with a strong, epic sounding Perth, a much slower and measured rendition which sets the tone for the performance. Accompanied by strong backing vocals and a second drum kit from Sean Carey. Moving into Minnesota, WI, Justin Vernon’s bass vocal melodies are merged with arpeggiated synths that set it apart from the album version and mimics the acoustic fingerstyle picking. Keeping with the dark moodier tone to the performance, Vernon performs 715 – CREEKS with just his vocals and vocoder, to which he receives an uproar from the crowd who sing along to each and every melody. This moves the set into 10 d E A T h b R E a s T, one of the most distorted and experimental tracks from 22, a Million, their 2016 album.

A change in mood is brought about by Heavenly Father, a fan favourite as many recall their Sydney Opera House acapella version with The Staves from 2016. This sends the set in a much lighter direction. They continue with the track: ___45___ and a full band version of 29 #Strafford APTS is achieved with the drummer using cross stick techniques and brushes to accompany the light and playful guitar and vocals from Vernon.

The set continues with a distinct mix in the set list between tracks that are upbeat, and happier to ones which are more emotional and reflective. A common theme amongst Bon Iver albums. Blood Banks and The Woods are performed in a way that is both familiar yet stronger, with all the emotion of their original recordings, released 10 years ago.

8 (circle) is definitely the most technologically challenging of the set, the saxophone controlled intricately by Vernon’s vocoder as he echoes ‘without knowing what the truth is’ and ‘carved in fire’.

They ended the set with two videos of newly recorded material, one of these tracks ‘Hey Ma’ was placed with a mix of what seems to be family home videos.

- An impressive mix of tracks from all of their albums which merge into one show.