Originally hailing from Hong Kong, London-based frontman Allman Brown has delivered his striking new sophomore album, ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’. The cultural crossing streaming sensation has the power to grab your attention and take you on a melodic journey with his captivating single, ‘Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles.’ Having lived in Los Angeles myself several years ago, the song was relatable with its beautiful haunting lyrics.

“I listen to the ghosts in the corridors, All the men and women that were here before, Just a stranger in this strange town, I'll be forgotten tomorrow when they turn the bed down.”

The melancholic song could be played on a loop and quickly became my favourite from the 10-track LP.

Having arrived in London at the age of 11, Brown possesses magical rawness as a musician and his voice is gentle yet powerful. ‘Waiting for Someone to Believe,’ radiated through me and reminded me how intoxicating music can be.

‘Shapes In The Sun,’ is intimate and easily evokes emotions as does ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’. Brown is not afraid to open up his heart and for that we are treated to a purely gracious and varied album. ‘Crazy Love’ and ‘Natasha’ lay bare Brown’s sentimentality and ability to be extremely personal with his lyrics. He certainly does wear his heart on his sleeve. This to me is the sign of a true musician.

“The world is in a state these days but there are still incredible things happening. A lot of people are speaking out and coming together, there’s this counterforce to the endless tide of negativity we see every day. I wanted to feed into that, offer my own counterweight. So this record is about reassurance, about me putting some positive energy into the world,” says Brown.

Brown’s poignant first album, ‘1000 Years’, debuted in 2017 and the singer-songwriter has come a long way with his latest album. ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright, sees Brown draw from his own personal experiences with its catchy instrumentals, warm notes and hypnotic lyrics. ‘Bury My Heart,’ hits at the core and Brown’s timbre voice will draw you in.

‘Home,’ the opening track successfully captures the essence of the album with its nostalgia and ability to embrace you.

Previous releases such as ‘Sweetest Thing’, a song that grossed more than 40 million Spotify streams worldwide, demonstrates the magic of Allman Brown. Brown is a multi- instrumentalist and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to audio equipment. Combined with his pitch-perfect voice Brown can steer to great heights.

Long-time collaborator Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith), helped to produce and record, ‘Darling It’ll Be Alright,’ in January 2019 at his Reading-based home studio. Brown is currently on tour in the UK and is supporting Dido.

A highly charged album that will make you want to know more about Brown as it showcases his natural prowess and capacity to write mesmerising songs – well worth listening to.

29th May: Manchester, Albert Hall (Supporting Dido)
30th May: London, Roundhouse (Supporting Dido)
31st May: London, Roundhouse (Supporting Dido)
6th June: London, The Borderline (Headline)