Collateral is a four piece classic rock group - a young band but one with a big future. Lead singer Angelo Tristan and bassist Jack Bentley-Smith who formed the nucleus of the band a few years back plus Todd Winger on guitar and drummer Ben Atkinson certainly look and sound the part and are not putting a foot wrong.

The band is creating a bit of a stir at the moment in the UK; not only are they getting a lot of limelight on stage but they are doing pretty well in rock music fan polls. Success has bred success and their notoriety is spreading. Their most recent gig was at The Borderline in London's West End. Although soon to be closed down for economic reasons, the famous venue allowed Collateral to shine as a tight four piece band with 80s leanings but one with youth on their side - exuding high confidence but importantly backed up by a growing set of original and impressive material. The band's recent EP '4 Shots!' made up the core of the first half of the set. The simple recipe of acoustic guitar-backed melodic verses invariably led to catchy power chord enhanced choruses - most successfully on 'Midnight Queen'. However, the rockier numbers (from their forthcoming album) which completed the set raised the stakes considerably. Heralded by an incendiary guitar solo by Winger, the trio of ‘Promiseland’, 'Merry Go Round' and current single 'Lullaby' blasted the audience into a rock-fuelled frenzy. Frontman Tristan provides a charismatic and talented focal point and with the rest of the band all with personality and charm, they collectively make Collateral a friendly and accessible outfit.

Collateral tick all the boxes for a young band to succeed in the current complex rock scene. They need a bit of luck of course but I recommend you see them on their way up.

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Photo credit: Robert Sutton