It took me a lifetime to get here, I’m not going anywhere – Diana Ross, 1983.

In celebration of Diana Ross’s upcoming 75th birthday, this film takes a look at one of her most iconic performances. On July 21, 1983, the legendary Diana Ross took the stage in New York's Central Park before an audience of over 800,000. Soon after the entertainer began, pouring rain and heavy wind threatened to put an end to the show, but Diana pushed on for much of the set, urging the drenched crowd to remain calm and stay with her.

Described by reporters at the time as the world’s biggest ‘love in’, Ross proved to anyone who didn’t already know, she is a living icon.
Ross’s daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross gave a moving and impassioned introduction to the concert. Drawing on her own memories of the unforgettable night, she is clearly in awe of her mother and her achievements. Tracee dreamily recounts the way Ross was drenched from the torrential rain which battered the stage and crowds alike.

After a warming tribute from the former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, we get to see clips narrated by Diana herself, as she recounts her triumphs in film, television, music and family life.

The rest of Ross’s children, Rhonda, Chudney, Evan Ross and Ross Naess delve further into the events of that day and describe how the producers wanted Ross to get off stage during the downpour for safety. In true Diana style, the show must go on! Defiantly performing through the rain, until forced to end the show early, Ross promises she’ll be back again tomorrow – and she certainly does.

Day two is dry, cloudless and well worth the wait. Executive produced by Ross herself and directed by Steve Binder, the entire feature she is as commanding as ever in her performance and talks with the crowd, who at times had too be told to calm down or be quiet when she was doing a slow song, in true diva style.

Expect to hear all the favourite tracks like mirror mirror, maniac, aint no mountain high enough and the boss. As well as some well-known covers from other legends like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.
An overall beautiful tribute to an incredible artist and woman. Expect bold outfits, big hair and an even bigger voice. It certainly is, for one and for all.

The film hits cinemas across UK and Ireland for one night only on the 26th March 2019.

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