Born in Kiev, Delena relocated to a Switzerland school at just 12 years old and went on to London, to study at the London Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. Music was always in her veins, through her relation to Ukrainian screenwriter, film producer, and director Alexander Dovzhenko. Moving to London was a new lease of life for Delena, who, inspired by the likes of Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Queen to name a few, began to develop her distinctive, sassy style of pop. Having released a stunning eponymous debut EP, we caught up with Delena to find out about our favourite new popstar.

Hi Delena, for those not in the know, tell us a little about yourself...

Hi everyone! I'm Delena! I was born in Kiev but now I live in London!

Ukraine isn't necessarily known in the international scene for it's pop production. How shaped has your sound been by the Ukrainian industry?

I would say that the only influence I get from the Ukrainian music is that most of the songs are very dance and easy to sing along to. So I always want my music to be able to do the same for people!

Are there any key artists you would recommend?

In general you could listen to any artist! Most of them are in Ukrainian so it depends on the sound mostly! When I play Ukrainian music to my international friends they really like it!

You have just released your debut EP, what can people expect?

It was very exciting! I definitely wanted to put music out which people could relate and listen to!

Although a pop collection, the sounds vary greatly over the course of the EP's tracks. How would you define yourself?

I really like to have a more dark sound to my song! I feel that when it’s something mysterious, it’s just more interesting!

Comparisons are inevitable in this industry, who would you compare yourself to?

I like Lana Del Ray, I like The Weeknd, I like Lady Gaga! I just like to take little bit from everyone!

Lastly, if you could achieve one thing with this release, what would it be?

It would be really cool to hear it on the radio!