I love music that puts a smile on my face and Surfquake certainly did that!

This is music with a great sense of humour but it really isn’t a joke. Nelson (guitar), Carabunga (keys & Theremin), Noserider (Hot Rod bass) & The Dune (Surf drums) lay down some swingng rhythms and echoey guitar licks in the classic manner and their vocals and harmonies are just the right side of corny.

This is stuff you can imagine laying out on the dunes of the Essex coastline (!) and listening to while the hardcore surfers are tubing it to the beaches of Kings Lynn & Canvey Island.
Braziers are burning and the air is redolent with the smell of the refineries.

The album combines some original numbers like ‘Do The Milkshake’ or ‘Surfer Jet City’ with some gonzo and surf classics including belting versions of ‘Surfin’ Bird’ and ‘Hawaii Five-O’ while I couldn’t believe they would take on ‘Sabre Dance’ but they do and damn good it is too!.

You have to listen to this album with a smile on your face. It isn’t exactly sophisticated (at some points it is crass as hell) but they really do sound like they are digging the whole scene.

Bonkers but brilliant.