Finn Andrews of 'The Veils' debut solo album ‘One Piece At A Time’ is an intimate and personal biography graphically told in sound.

The main themes of this album are death, the ending of relationships and the peaks and troughs of life. Previous tracks penned by Finn have appeared in films by Tim Burton and David Lynch and this album reflects his film score background in its dramatic storytelling tracks.

The album was created after leaving London and a relationship breakup and this air of desolation is reflected in the music. 'What strange things lovers do?' is reminiscent of a Tom Waits song, a sad tale told in a smoky bar. 'Love what can I do?' This an eerie romantic song with a honeyed but hopeless feel. 'Stairs to the Roof' has a stripped down acoustic quality which allows the listener a direct greater connection to the song. 'By the old cathedral when the night gets old ghosts of last nights crimes lined with dope and gold.' There is a subtle enigma to these lyrics which allows the listener to come to their own conclusions about the story beneath them. The stand out track on this album is 'One by the Venom' which Finn describes as list song that lists more than 40 ways to die. This particular track is outstanding as it is a perfect poetic lyric of fate and death. 'One by barbiturate, one by morphine, one by a method foreseen in a dream.' It's exciting to hear a track with such an original concept and lyrics and this was the song I really connected with. 'Al Pacino Rise and Fall' is so named as the first words Finn Andrews said as a baby were the words 'Al Pacino' this track perfectly encapsulates the peaks and troughs of existence all wrapped up in a swooping melody.

This is a thoughtful and original album. Finn Andrews has already established himself as a formidable talent as front-man of 'The Veils' and this debut album takes that talent in a new direction.