At around 70 years of age, Robin Trower is still making music and shockingly he is still making music that is relevant and seems to get better with every release.

He made 8 albums with Procul Harum, 5 with Jack Bruce and has over 20 solo albums to his name.
After a hiatus at the end of the ‘nineties he has released a new album either every year or every two years since 2003 and if you look back to the classic ‘Bridge Of Sighs’ of 1974 his sound has been consistent and about as far away from the trends of the day as you could get.

This album has some of the feel of a man approaching the end of his career but there is no desperate sadness or sense of loss about it – quite the opposite on tracks such as ‘Take Me With You’ where he looks forward to travelling to the places he has never seen “If you’re going to set out to these places now, take me with you when you go”. To quote the man himself “I’m saying that I’m nearer the end than the beginning, but that doesn’t scare me. Not at all. If I went tomorrow, I’d feel like I’d been blessed with being able to achieve an incredible amount as a musician”

His guitar sound is as clean and warm as it ever was and he is now playing bass and taking vocals as well – it is only in the last few years that has had the confidence in his voice to record his own vocals and I believe ha first picked up the bass for his last album, 2017’s ‘Time And Emotion’.

Everything here clearly has meaning for him and his sound continues to draw the listener in to his deep and soulful groove.

The man is making some of the best music of his life and I can only look forward to enjoying this one for a long time ahead.