Raw, feverish, intense fun.

There was a line in the information I was sent about Diskopunk that made me leave the house on this cold and dark Friday night. That line was a self-description, from the band, of how they would describe their sound. It went ... “like a decadent ABBA with grandiose chord-driven pop songs beefed up with post punk parts; raging distorted synthesizers, guitar riffs and a hell of a lot of percussion”.

And having just seen them headline a Friday night at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen that description now makes perfect sense. Playing with all the zest, energy, and bravado of a band headlining the 02 Arena, these Swedish newcomers are destined for great things. And, I suspect, will let nothing get in the way of that happening.

While their debut EP (recently release via Sony Sweden) brings to mind a meeting of LCD Soundsystem like rhythmicality and Hot Chip-esque awkward bedroom pop, live Diskopunk take it to a whole other level. The guitars are louder. A lot louder. The beats are bigger. The energy level go through the roof. And in frontman Antonio America they have a modern day, sequin-wearing, glitter-covered icon.

Blasting through tracks from the just released ‘Diskopunk EP’, alongside old favourites ‘Fire’, as the last chorus was struck and the lights came up I found myself in an almost-dazed, dizzied from the last 40 minutes of high octane, hook filled, sweat covered, rock n roll.

If the opportunity arises to see them live, grasp it with both hands. Diskopunk are a band to believe. Or maybe, that should say, Diskopunk are THE band to believe in.