Wednesday the 13th saw L’Escargot open their doors for Sadie Jemmett to showcase the tracks from her forthcoming album ‘Phoenix’. She started with the sympathetically strong ‘Rescue Street’ before changing up the vibe of the room with the feisty ‘Bitter’.

Up next was the politically inspired ‘Don’t Silence Me’ written as a message of solidarity for all those who have been sexually abused or assaulted. The track was born, Sadie explained, when she learnt that her friend had been assaulted by a prominent French film director some years previously. The revelation, which came to light around the time of initial Weinstein allegation, mobilised Sadie and she said that she knew she had to do something about it the only way she knew how – through music.

The rest of Sadie’s programme showed her range as a vocalist, and her talents as a lyricist. Her ‘The Wilder Shores of Love’ was a particular highlight, and ‘Wedding Song (For Pete)’ was a truly beautiful track. The evening, was, to put it simply, a reminder as to why Sadie Jemmett has garnered such critical acclaim. She is an extremely talented songwriter and lyricist, and her stage presence was magnetic.

Make sure to check out ‘Don’t Silence Me’ when it is released on March 8th, and stay tuned so you don’t miss the reminder of ‘Phoenix’ which will be released later in the year.