Night two of The Wombats Glasgow tour proved to be even more popular than the first. The trio sold out the O2 Academy in the city and brought along fellow Liverpudlian group, The Night Cafe, and indie rock outfit Blaenavon.

The Night Cafe have previously played other venues around Glasgow, and to get your hands on a pair of tickets is next to impossible. The group paired nicely as a support act for The Wombats giving me summer festival vibes throughout. Playing their original tracks such as Mixed Signals, Addicted and I’m Fine, the group got the crowd geared up and ready to go. I hope The Night Cafe organise another standalone Glasgow date in the near future, they’re definitely on my list to watch.

Blaenavon were next on the bill. Not a band I’d come across before, but I was taken by complete surprise. Ben Gregory’s velvet tones captured the attention of the crowd from the first track. They proved to be incredibly popular with the audience playing the likes of Alone, Unorthodox Man and Prague. The atmosphere from this band was electric and I personally will be tracking Blaenavon for future Scottish shows.

The Wombats have been on the scene since the early noughties and tonight really proved to me, as longtime fan, the sheer diversity in ages when it comes to their fanbase. Whilst some young teens decided to create a ‘mosh pit’ to the likes of Black Flamingo, Cheetah Tounge, White Eyes and Ice Cream, you had the more ‘A Guide to Love Loss and Desperation’ fans getting hyped up for Kill The Director, Techno Fan, 1996, and tracks from This Modern Glitch - but that’s the beauty of a band who are still releasing music 12 years after their debut album, and I applaud that.

The Wombats delivered a collection of their older hits and tracks from their latest album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life.

The band will always be the indie group that you can put on and sing your heart out to at any given moment, but their newer content is quite forgetful and samey. Despite that, the trio delivered a show which had the crowd on their feet dancing throughout and gave me nostalgia feels when I heard the opening notes to Moving to New York and Let’s Dance to Joy Division.

If you have tickets for one of The Wombats upcoming shows, you’re in for a treat. Expect nostalgic indie pop, a stunning stage decor and the chance to dance around to the songs you overplayed on your MP3 or iPod Nano in 2011.