Digital Joker just released “Spin Again,” featuring Nathan Brumley. The single is from Digital Joker’s latest album, Nathan & Domes, which dropped December 14.

Nathan & Domes features Nashville singer-songwriter Nathan Brumley, who, in addition to lending his vocal talents to numerous collaborations, has appeared in the Young And The Restless, Life Unexpected, Surprise Homecoming, and Palisades Pool Party, along with showcases on the Oxygen Channel, Discovery, C&W, and MTV.

The musical project of producer Dominik Tusinovsky, Digital Joker was created in 2018. From the Czech Republic, Tusinovsky began producing music in 2007, when, at age 14, under the name DJ Danny Fox, he recorded his first album, Take Me Heart, followed a year later by Country Dance, while calling himself North Bitch.

None of the tracks from the two albums were released because his computer crashed, wiping out all his songs.
After a hiatus, he came back to his music in 2015, working as the Domes Project, releasing a constant flow of albums embracing EDM, pop, dance, moombahton, reggaeton, trap, and future house elements.

Despite serious physical tribulations that include failing kidneys and dependence on dialysis while he awaits a kidney transplant, Digital Joker continues to produce optimistic, contagious music.

“Spin Again” opens on strident synth tones flowing into a potently pulsing dance groove with vestiges of alt-country savors and heady disco vibes percolating through. A compact rhythm made up of a muscular kick drum and pushing bass line drives the song forward with captivating energy. Streaming synths infuse the melody with swooshing colors, as bright vocal harmonies add depth.

Brumley’s sonorous tenor gives the song a tight, buoyant texture and nuanced edginess, propelling the tune with forceful timbres. The mood and feel of “Spin Again” discharges verve and infectious positive dynamics, while the compelling rhythm demands moving to the groove.