Charlotte Gainsbourg returns with the enigmatic EP Take 2.

If you’re a big fan of an artist, then you will almost certainly have come across a review in which the writer just doesn’t quite get it. What you see as profound insight into the subject the reviewer dismisses as weird nonsense, and your favourite tune is dismissed as skippable.

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of Gainsbourg’s latest five track effort this review is likely to widen the chasm between fan and critic.

On the positive side, ‘Deadly Valentine’ has a nice electronic 80s vibe to it, while the violin, bell chime opening to ‘Lost Lenore’ is, big, bold, and captivating.
While the EP’s musical backing holds up its end of the bargain, the impact of the lyrical content is up for debate.

‘Runaway’ is the record’s high point, with straightforward self-reflecting lyrics. On the other hand, ‘Deadly Valentine’ is essentially a marriage vow set to intense electronic backing, and ‘Lost Lenore’ showcases its artists bilingual skill. Although the latter track certainly gets points for trying something fresh, putting part of it in French does make it more challenging to follow the songs message. Gainsbourg’s soft voice and often repeated use of the word je t'aime, should give you a small hint though.

Musically, the project does more than enough to keep the listener on board for the short session, but lyrically it’s not always clear what the song is trying to get at.

The more astute listener might find their reward amongst the lyrics, but for everyone else the backing track will still prove an enjoyable experience.