This dance floor filling hit single is celebrating it's 40th anniversary with the reissue of this iconic groove which has been said to have invented Rap. This track is pure hip hop old school and will delight lovers of this music genre.

Back in 1980 Rappers Delight introduced hip hop to a wide audience and created an energetic humorous boastful style of music which is now loved by fans around the world. The track begins with a glossy disco lick which then leads into a repetitive crowd lifting hook and an irresistible thumping baseline. Rappers delight was the 1st hip hop song to make the US Billboard Hot 100.

The track was co written by Disco geniuses Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards (Co founders of Disco band Chic) this track is loved around the world by audiences for it's catchy rhythms and sure fire party atmosphere. Sugarhill Gang Rappers Delight is said to be the very 1st Hip Hop single and is instantly recognizable the minute you hear it. This song is an essential part of Hip Hop inauguration and The Sugarhill gang have collaborated with Grandmaster Mellie Mel and Scorpio of Furious 5 to form a super-group to mark the 40th anniversary. This in turn will continue into a year of celebrations for the band who are planning a world tour in 2019. This cool playful urban track is perfect for party season.