Following on from her recent smash hit ‘Remedy’ with Cowens Brothers Electropop darling Tiggi Hawke is back with her brand new track ‘Alibi’.

‘Alibi’ has been named by ROTD as Tiggi’s strongest single release to date, it’s infectious beats are complimented by Tiggi’s soaring vocals delivering an all-round pop smash hit.

Tiggi has had a phenomenal 2018 delivering the sound of the summer with ‘Remedy’ across dance floors, radio stations both in the UK and on an international level as well as writing for some of the biggest names in music. The track stormed into the Music Week Mainstream Pop Charts at No.7 as well as the trio scoring a Top 10 in the Music Week Upfront Club Chart.

Music News caught up with Tiggi to find our more...

We love Alibi where did the inspiration come from?
Thank you so much! Actually, Alibi was written on a writing camp so what I love about it is that it’s a mix of everyone who was involved and I got to work with some incredibly talented people on it. For me, it’s about an on-and-off relationship that a lot of people are all too familiar with, where you keep crossing that line between ‘friends’ and ‘something more’ then back again and you seem to need a reason why it happened, to need an alibi to explain it instead of admitting that you want to take that step with someone. I think it’s basically a song about being in denial, knowing how you feel and how the other person feels, but refusing to admit it and making up excuses to try and go back to how things were before!

Previous single Remedy has further elevated you around the world, what was it like working with the Cowens Brothers?
I loved working with the Cowens Brothers, they’re genuinely so lovely and it was such a pleasure to work together. We met on the set of the video for Remedy and it’s not an exaggeration to say they met me with a huge hug! I was so excited when they sent the instrumental over asking for a topline, but to be fair I didn’t imagine that it was catch on like it has though and I can only thank everyone for their support, it means the world to me!

What other collaborations would be on your wishlist?
I would love love LOVE to write with Ryan Tedder, his melodies and lyrics are mind-blowing and I would just love to be in a room while he works his magic. Fingers crossed!

Dangerous Behaviour with Mike Mago is still notching up views how much has that particular track helped raise your profile?
I can’t believe it! I love that song, it was my first single after Neon Dancer and really re-confirmed what I wanted to do. It was very much a 50/50 musical mix-up of Mike’s electronic house and my synth pop so it introduced me to a whole new pocket of music I had never really considered. While it definitely helped to raise my profile, for me it was quite an re-affirming track and I’m really happily surprised it’s still growing as a track and people are still discovering it!

What was it that drew you to the world of Electropop?
I actually started singing classically but I didn’t find the expression and freedom I was looking for so I relatively quickly transitioned over to broadway music which I felt I could give more of myself to. From there I started writing my own songs (trust me, those 1st ones will never see the light of day…!) and I got drawn to the middle ground between pop and electronic. I love the beats and synths of electronic but also the melodies and freedom of lyrics in pop so I guess it was a win-win genre for me!

If you had to elaborate on your musical style and what you are trying to achieve what would you say?
Something that’s always stayed the same for me is that I focus quite heavily on lyrics, so while my music can be quite full on the lyrics are always something that I’ll spend a lot of time on and really want to refine. I find it hard to write about things that I haven’t experienced or that someone close to me hasn’t experienced, especially if I’m singing it live I really need to have that connection to my songs. I try to combine my mild (I’m in denial) lyrical obsession with different synths and beats to create my own version of electro/synth pop! In general, I think it’s a huge mix-up of a lot of genres, a lot of which is completely unintentional.

What is your song-writing process?
Sit down and hope for the best?! I am joking (I swear!) but in reality I don’t have a checklist I go through, it’s very dependent on who I’m working with and how things develop. Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes the melody, and sometimes a beat! I’m sure this sounds weird but songwriting’s almost like putting together a puzzle for me, I like to know where I’m starting and where I’m going but between those 2 points it can either be a straight line or the most convoluted, squiggly line ever!

Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve?
Yes! And no… My long term goal is pretty much the same as when I started but I’ve learnt quite quickly that short term goals have to be quite flexible and change as you do. I’m a very different person now than I was when I started my career (hopefully for the better!) and my in-between aims have definitely changed with me and my musical direction. I will always try and stick to my short-term goal but as long as they lead to the end goal, then I’m good with it!

Where are you from and based now?
Born and raised in London… And I’m still here! I’m based in Kings Cross at Tileyard Studios but I’m lucky I get to travel so much, I love travelling and writing with people from all round the world but I really look forward to coming back home to London and the crazy chaos!

Who are your heroes in music?
Jonny Cash is an all-time music hero for me, his songwriting has always inspired me and is something I’ve aspired to. I listened to a lot of different music growing up, I still listen to a lot of rock music, both classic and more new age, ACDC is a staple for me. There have been so many incredible artists and performers I think it’s gonna take a lifetime to get through them all!

When were you first bitten by the musical bug?
I think quite early on but I didn’t notice it until I was about 14/15. I remember listening to my parents music when I was younger and their different tastes as well as my own CD’s and running around, pretending I was on stage and singing my heart out! I’m pretty sure my parents knew before I did though, when I broke the news to them that I was intent on pursuing a career in music they were super chilled about it and to this day have been such amazing supporters of myself and my music. I didn’t start writing until I was about 14 though (and then, pretty badly I reckon!), it’s something that’s grown with me and I hope it will continue to!

Away from music what do you like doing?
I really enjoy baking cakes! Although I’ve been trying to be quite healthy recently so I’ve been trying some more experimental recipes which don’t always work out. I also like photography (on the most amateurish level ever), I always try and take my camera when I go travelling even for work so even if I don’t take pictures, everyone can peg me for a tourist.

Do you prefer playing live or studio work?
That’s an impossible question… Mainly because I’m not sure I’d have one without the other. Playing live makes all the studio work come together and you can feel every little bit that’s gone into each song pull together in a moment. I couldn’t do without the studio aspect at all though, it’s my outlet and my connection to my music. I guess it’s almost a chicken and egg thing, each kinda relies on the other!

Do you plan more live excursions in 2019?
Definitely! I love playing live and I can’t wait to play more gigs next year, I always over-post about upcoming gigs on my Instagram so watch that space!

When can we expect an album?
I’ll be honest… I don’t know! I’m still focussing mainly on singles at the moment, streaming has changed everything very quickly and there seems to be more of an emphasis on singles or EP’s rather than full length albums. That said, vinyl’s having a moment as well so it’s quite conflicting…! Who knows, it may happen next year but I don’t have any concrete plans for it just yet.

For someone that hasn’t come across you yet what songs should they search out online?
If you want to see the journey then I’d start at Neon Dancer and work our way forward! You can definitely see how the music has changed and evolved between that, Dangerous Behaviour, Me Too and Remedy. My new single Alibi is part on an ongoing story that will continue with my upcoming singles and really shows where I feel I am at the moment in terms of my music so give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Check out Alibi here.

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