Wow, what a ride!

Fofoulah’s musical roots are in jazz and electro but adding a very healthy dub to some already frantic dance grooves creates an amazing and utterly invigorating miasma of sound.

Kaw Secka sits at the very heart of the music. His voice comes out at you from a deep hole in the music, sharp edged commands to attend to the music and his rhythms a constantly moving, eternally edgy and brittle. Always, that heavy bass line and Seeka’s talking drum driving the music.

This was developed by the collective over the four years since their debut album was released, the band constantly touring in Europe and the UK and building a DJ oriented sound that grew away from the conventional forms and spontaneously shifted to this.
Tom Challenger produced the album and you can clearly hear his hands at the controls, dropping sounds in and out, following the rhythms and building the different contributions into a coherent whole.

It is not an album to describe, it needs to be experienced, to allow the cross patterns and varying speeds to take you body and mind in different directions simultaneously.
It is, however, an album that bears listening to time and again, learning as you go and grasping more of the deep heart and soul of the collective along the way.

Open your mind and your heart and let this album in(vade).