On a night of talent spotting, the night was eagerly anticipated, with the slight hope of discovering the next big thing. A couple of local bands opened the night and indeed, they were impressive. The headliners of the night were Little Ze and Exist. The local bands did a great job in opening the night, but the audience was hoping that the best was yet to come.
As Exist indulged in to their set, something was definitely missing. Atmosphere. The crowd was about 2 metres away from the band. Maybe the Brummie band was not well known in this part of the uk. Nevertheless, surely Exist deserved more than a few claps at the end of each performance. There were a couple of decent tracks but generally speaking, the music was quite bland and doesn't quite have the edge. The band could easily be mistaken for an indie band who has had their day, back in the early 90's. Exist finished their set with their new single ‘The Fear' which was released on the 3rd April. With the catchy line ‘how does it feeel…', you find yourself humming the tune, like you known it for years. Although the performance was slightly uncomfortable, Exist did manage to end their set well.
The headliner was Sheffield's very own ‘Little Ze'. Formerly known as ‘Trap2', ‘Little Ze' are Mike (vocals), Tim (guitar), Fez (bass), Oag (keyboard) and Jonny (drums). Little Ze has clearly gained themselves a devoted fan base over the years, as the Ze-ettes went crazy. With loud eccentric guitars, funky bass, mad drums and Ashcroft/Gallagher style vocals, Little Ze has earned themselves a credible reputation. Their sound is indie, with a dash of heavy metal and it did bring Black Sabbath in to mind. With songs like ‘20ft Rat' and single soon to be released ‘TinPigs', big things could happen for Little Ze.