There are some voices that just burst with the fearless optimism and unbridled joy of a Disney princess. Even when singing a sad song, there is always a glimpse of blue skies to come. Alive is the third EP release by Melbourne Australia based, Canadian singer-songwriter Monique Angele. The angelic-voiced chanteuse has released six songs which range from late-night chamber contemplations to full-scale gospels all anchored by her moving piano and the golden yarns spun by her gifted vocal chords.

'Pink Coloured Sky' begins the release with it's signature pairing of legato piano with Angele's capacious vocals, all wrapped in ample doses of reverb that place them in a concert hall in the clouds. She peaks your senses with pleasing images and welcoming tones. The chorus soars when strings and steadfast drums come to meet her operatic delivery.

The lead single 'Our Paradise' predicates on prancing piano. Angele lays out the way to a place of perfection. The glowing chords and her siren call give you a clear vision in your mind of your paradise in front of you. The confident drums of Shawn Burgess give you assurance that this place is attainable and that you are well on your way to it.

'Rare Girl' pares it down with Angele going it on her own with her ivories. The sweet, tender tune is an ode to individuality and idiosyncrasies. The closer 'I Want a World' is a return to her image of a pure and hopeful place. She outlines her vision for an idyllic society that loves itself and its environment. The gospel finale comes right out of the triumphant final scene of a fairy tale.

Alive has Angele nailing her brand of hopeful, optimistic, operatic pop. If you often find yourself belting out 'A Whole New World', this album is definitely for you.