I love me some good hard rock, played with power and verve. Monster Truck are the epitome of the four-piece heavy brigade and this album kicks royal ass from the massive opener ‘True Rocker’!

Monster Truck have been around for a while and in the two years since the ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ album they have been touring almost constantly and writing the material for this album and it easy to see the changes in their sound. When you tour with the likes of Nickleback or Deep Purple, Black Stone Cherry or The Temperance Movement you are bound to pick up elements of their music and this definitely comes over with a welcome sense of rock’s power and freedom that only comes from playing and loving your music.

The album is varied as they touch on all forms of rock be it Blues Rock (‘Being Cool Is Over’), power Blues (‘Thundertruck’), indie rock (‘Being Cool Is Over’) or even touching on metal (‘In My Own World’) but there is a distinct sound to the band driven by the furious drums of Steve Keily and bass of Jon ‘Marv’ Harvey – these two drive the sound like a juggernaut – and the guitars of Jeremy Widerman coupled with keys from Brandon Bliss.

The band are even capable of taking the music down a deep and Bluesy path ‘The Howlin’ that manages to show their abilities individually, a chilling closer to the album.

What I got from the album was the sound of a team working together to make the music that they most love and having a blast as they do it,
They don’t tread a single path and the album is all the better for it. One of the most exciting albums I’ve heard this year.