This album touches on so many genres and styles that it is difficult to know what to expect next.
Except you can expect more finely crafted and beautifully played music for track after track.

Luke Winslow-King has a soft voice, very expressive and works well whether he is singing a ballad like Blue Mesa or a boogie such as Leghorn Woman.

He is also a very capable acoustic guitarist and songwriter – all of the songs here were either written entirely by him or co-written.
So to the music – there isn’t a weak track on the album, no filler and nothing thrown in to try and make a statement.

The album opens with a hugely soulful piece, You Got Mine, a wonderful guitar line from Roberto Luti and a sweet whispering organ from Mike Lynch – reminiscent of Ry Cooder of Into the Purple Valley era – and that leads into the freak out boogie of Leghorn Woman with touches of CCR and a swing that just cannot be ignored.

Break Down The Walls has really grown on me for its intense softness and inner power.

Winslow-King has been in New Orleans since he turned 19 years old and the Crescent City definitely has its hooks inti his music – just listen to a number like Chicken Dinner and try to imagine that it was written anywhere other than NOLA.

Personal favourite though is the title track – a slow Blues with real warmth and a sense of space, wistful but regretful together.

I found the album intensely satisfying, a really pleasant surprise when there is so much dross about.