The O2 is a big space to fill and some of today's stars seem a little light on the hits, not a problem for Britney.
A career path is rarely straight and, as Britney would no doubt testify, can twist and turn like the scariest rollercoaster. So as the latest Britney circus, 'Piece of Me' rolled into London town the volume and heat start to soar.

Raised platforms at either side of the stage elevated the four piece live band with the keyboards providing the perfect hiding place from which Britney could surprise the audience.

After second track 'Womanizer' Britney spoke her first words "How are you doing London?"
Wearing black glittery bra and pants she then launched into tour title track 'Piece Of Me'.

The merchandise stands clearly do well at a Britney show, with queues to enter on arrival at this vast entertainment hub. Once inside the loyal fan-base of all ages proudly sport the latest t-shirts. Large screens also tout the latest Britney scent 'Prerogative' - brand Britney is as busy as ever.

With dance routines that would leave the average teenager unable to talk let alone sing it's no surprise that Britney, 36, seems to be lip-syncing during certain routines. It would be virtually impossible to sustain the frenetic pace she has set herself throughout.

Laser show, live band, circus and smoky bondage sequences all combine with some pole dancing thrown in for good measure. It was a well worked routine, Britney sticking rigidly to the script with little time for crowd interaction concentrating firmly on a fast moving set of highly choreographed hit-song sequences.

In a rare crowd sharing moment she invites a fan from the 'louder side of the crowd' during 'Freakshow' to be humiliated by walking him like a bondage dog in what will, for fan Nicholas I'm sure, be a story that will never stop giving.

There seems to be a hint of a British accent in the minimal Britney banter on offer tonight as the ringmaster continues her well constructed set with crowd-pleaser 'Toxic' the stage bathed in green light with the intro offering up a version of Stomp with mops in a frenetic jungle scene.
'Stronger' brought us the penultimate song before 'Till the World Ends' closed a spectacular opening London night.

A non stop dance routine from beginning to end, very pacey and sprinkled with hits. The Britney headflick is alive and well and showing at The O2 for another two nights before heading to Paris, Birmingham and Blackpool.


(Work Bitch Intro)
Work Bitch
Break the Ice / Piece of Me
...Baby One More Time / Oops!... I Did It Again
Me Against the Music
Gimme More
Clumsy / Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
Do You Wanna Come Over?
I'm a Slave 4 U
Make Me...
Do Somethin'
If U Seek Amy
Breathe on Me
Stronger / (You Drive Me) Crazy

Till the World Ends