Teisan is clearly a very talented individual. You might call this ambient pop, if by that you wish to convey lush, heartfelt songs which flutter over and beneath shimmering electro-acoustic soundscapes. There is some beautiful work here – a subtle mix of guitar, snyths, processed beats and nuanced textures. Teisan’s vocals seem to be transmitted as if through a portal on some strange and beguiling alien planet.

‛Coins’ perfectly sums up Headspace. A distant voice intones mantra-like words over rippling guitar, echoing washes of sound and gentle keyboards. It is a confession from a parallel universe, full of pathos and pain but delivered with a smile. Indeed, there is plenty of psychedelic-tinged sunniness throughout this album. Chiming bells, soft strums and almost Clannad-like choral touches texture the songs.

As if to confirm this ‛I’m Okay, I Am Alright’ delivers that very message over a jaunty classic-sounding back-drop with rhythm guitar and minimalist piano blending with a gently swelling ocean of noise. ‛Strangers In A Parking Lot’ opens with an almost traditional country feel with solo guitar and voice before some lovely harmonies kick in.

Headspace is a wonderfully worked reverb-drenched and cathartic journey which effectively melds confessional singer-songwriting with rainbow-coloured electronic production.