A supremely confident young man with a fresh take on the classic Indie sound, well recorded (in China) and very well played – what’s not to like?

I hadn’t heard of this guy until recently and the album arrived rather unexpectedly but for all that it has been taking a regular slot in my playlist – rather good from the opening notes of ‘Apropos’ to the final groove of ‘Dirty Dancing’.

There are so many memories for me in the music but they combine to make an individual sound, something that many bands struggle to achieve.
Hani’s voice is strong and has a laid back air and the production has him well forward in the mix so that you are able to focus on his delivery and let the music serve him but when you focus on the playing there are some superb moments. Strong bass lines and ringing guitar riffs abound as well as rock solid drumming and all played by the man himself.

His stated influences are bands such as Manic Street Preachers and Nine Inch Nails but I am also hearing touches of Arctic Monkeys and even U2 in there.

For a debut album it is quite remarkable and if he was further down his career path this would still be impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing him at the Dublin Castle next week.