There is so much about this album that brings a big smile to my face. The playing is brilliant, the songs are complex and carry stunning melodies and the touches of virtual familiarity make the album easy to listen to while still challenging the listener to fully understand just what is going down.

Hell, the album is a stunner.

The band was formed by ex-Black Crowe Rich Robinson and he soon added guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien. The rest of the band comprises keyboardist Matt Slocum, drummer Joe Magistro, and vocalist John Hogg.

The album is characterised by the changes in direction and pace that is something only a band who are truly comfortable together can manage.
The guitar lines take the listener from sweeping and soaring highs through heavy riffs while the bass and drums create powerful stomping back lines.

There are times here when I hear echoes of the Allman Brothers at their peak and there is a distinct ‘Jam Band’ edge to much of their playing. But, they are tight and powerful, never sounding self-indulgent or flatulent.

For me, the standout number is the Beatle-esque ‘Sister Moon’ but elsewhere ‘Mary The Gypsy’ is a stonking bit of rock and ‘For The Wind’ kicks along with real passion.

The more I have listened to this set, the more I have found to hang on to and the more pleasure it has given me.