Chart topping Gabrielle returns on August 17th with her first studio release in eleven years, and in the process cements her status as a true Icon.

2018 marks twenty-five years since the release of Gabrielle’s debut single ‘Dreams’. The track flew around the world, charting all over Europe and Australia and going gold in the UK. She now returns with her album ‘Under My Skin’, and she is ready to go stratospheric all over again.

The album is comprised of the eponymous track and eleven additional songs. Featuring Gabrielle’s characteristically velvety vocals, the tracks (which navigate delicate subject matter such as love and reconciliation) introduce a fresh and modern side to this artist without losing any of her charm or star quality.

The title track, with its dynamic percussion section and Gabrielle’s sultry and laid back vocals, provides a great introduction to her new sound. About the unattainability of love, the track provides an honest and raw depiction of the journey to find love. ‘Thank You’ is an earnest and sincere message of thanks, and is a story told with a devilishly catchy hook and gospel-like backing vocals. Whilst ‘Stronger’ is an uplifting anthem about carrying on even when faced with adversity.

With its range of musical styles and truly artful lyricism, ‘Under My Skin’ is a real triumph and a very welcome introduction to a whole new era for Gabrielle. The album is at times heartfelt, and at others fun and upbeat. With the release of ‘Under My Skin’ on the 17th of August, and a run of summer/autumn performance dates already scheduled, make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss anything from Gabrielle!