If it weren’t for the angelic and mesmerizing voice of Rachel Grace, I don’t think I’d be able to call Nocturnal Blonde’s Smart Heart priceless. Now, that’s not to say that the album is not good because that’s quite the contrary; it’s AMAZING. It’s just that her voice is the reason why I enjoyed it so much…perhaps, more than I should have. In other words, I was hooked from the beginning to the end. I was so hooked that when the album reached it’s fifth and final track, I said, “What? That’s it? Aw man!” I never thought I’d say this in a while, but Smart Heart is a rare album that isn’t just about the messages, but about the structured sound. What do I mean? Well, when you mix Grace’s voice with the artistic composition and transposition, you get magic. I know, “magic” sounds like a little bit of an exaggerated description. But, I don’t really know what else to call it because that’s what it is. Matter of fact, out of all the songs on Smart Heart, there was one song that gave me a bit of an oxymoronic vibe. When I say oxymoronic, I mean that the song had one meaning to it. Yet, I felt something completely different throughout the song’s duration. I didn’t realize that my feelings connected with the song’s meaning until I reached the song’s conclusion. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had that happen to you. But, if you did, you know how weird it feels…and I don’t mean weird in a bad way, either.

As a music fanatic, the one song that gave me an oxymoronic vibe is Blown Away. While Blown Away might not have been my favorite musically structured song of Smart Heart (that title belongs to Drained), it was definitely my favorite meaningful song. But, it isn’t for the reasons you might think. First thing’s first: the message, but of course. The message of Blown Away speaks on the effects that bad luck can have on one’s day. Now, there’s no doubt that everyone has had their share of bad days, which is why Blown Away is so relatable. Just by the title, you’d think that this song would depress you…and you’d be right. But, when you’re so caught up with Grace’s voice and the background musical structure, you don’t even think about feeling depressed. That thought only comes with the conclusion of the song. Again, this happened to me, so I can say that. Honestly, here I am listening to Blown Away and I start to feel a little mopey. But, the interesting thing is that I didn’t even know I was feeling mopey until the conclusion. I’m questioning myself and I’m like, “Wait…I liked this song because of Rachel Grace. Yet, I’m feeling a bit depressed. Why am I just realizing that?” Honestly, Nocturnal Blonde has something to be proud of because not many musical groups can create an oxymoronic song like Blown Away.

Reviewer to the listener, I am asking you to PLEASE treat your ears to Nocturnal Blonde. Yes, they’re of a different breed. But, they are worth it. You will not be disappointed.