Kaleb McKane is beginning to make a name for himself and this EP shows a young lad with enormous talent as well as potential.

The three songs here all share an ability to pin you against the back wall with the sheer passion and power of his playing but he also shows a great sense of dynamics – the difference between power and sensitivity if you will.

His voice is in the higher registers which sets it well above the massive riffery going on beneath but his guitar playing is where he really excels and the package of the two in one young man is a joy to behold.
Just to listen to his solo on ‘Psychosexual Supernova’: striding out against the maelstrom happening beneath, it is uplifting and exhausting at once.

There is a feeling of isolation and the feeling of a power cast loose from all around it all through the EP and he clearly has all the confidence to play what he wants rather than trying to please the mainstream.

McKane crowdfunded the EP and will be launching it at the Camden Assembly in September (19th)

A kid with a huge potential and one of the most exciting Eps to cross my desk this year.