Dorian Sorriaux is the lead guitarist with Blues Pills but deep down, he also has a love of acoustic folk music and this EP is his first release.
Recorded in Orebro in Sweden and produced by his Blues Pills bandmate Zach Anderson, the EP spans 4 tracks and. frankly, anyone familiar with Blues Pills will be shocked by the music here.

He has a hard edge to his voice but his singing is tuneful and emotive while his guitar playing here is outstanding – much slower than his previous work and showing a sense of depth and passion.

The timbre of his voice reminds me a lot of Neil Young and in fact he claims Young as an influence and ‘Live At Massey Hall’ the springboard for his investigations of folk music. He says that the likes of Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, John Martyn & CSN & Y were important to him as a young man in Brittany and this is really what guides this music – the sense that music does not have to be constrained by form, that anything can be tried as long as it is honest and heartfelt.

Anderson’s production is remarkable, allowing the pace and a spacey airiness to guide the music rather than locking it in to a particular form.

It is a delight to listen to and he is clearly making the music that is in his heart – it rewards searching out.