The Sharpeez are one of the hardest rockers I’ve heard in a while.

They claim to present ‘maximum R&B’ and they really do have the feel of the old Southend/Canvey rockers like Dr Feelgood and Eddie & The Hotrods – a certain spare sound with the attack set to maximum stun.

Opening track ‘Automatic Mode’ leaps at you out of the speakers, one of those tracks that sounds better the higher you take the volume control, William Mead’s guitar sharp and ringing and the rhythm section of Baz Payne (bass) & Brendan O’Neill (drums|) driving them on with real panache – O’Neill used to play with Nine Below Zero and Rory Gallagher and there is a certain machine gun drum sound that is familiar from both of those.

‘Bullet’ is more subtle, considered even, with some beautiful guitar work from Mead. It was written by Mead with Strawbs Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig and definitely shows that the band can handle the more subtle stuff.

‘Dr Feelgood’ brings us back to the rocky sound, very macho and brash and damn good fun too. Again, some stunning slide from Loz Netto and the backing vocals from Teresa Neville give the sone a full on feel.

Of the twelve tracks on the album there aren’t any weak ones. In the main they are guitar rockers with a familiar tone but the band get you up and grooving and leave you with a big smile on your face.

They have developed quite a reputation as a live band and I would guess they have a few new crowd pleasers here.