There is something familiar and satisfying about listening to the Chris Brevington Organization.
They don’t do anything you’ve never heard before but they do make a really good sound.

I have a particular penchant for big and ballsy rock/Blues and the band have all the right attributes including a fine horn section and an excellent backup vocal team of Kate Robertson and Sarah Miller.

Basically, the band howl.

Bevington himself is an excellent bass player but the band all carry the sense of rhythm and power so that every track has a swagger and a live feel to it.

Lead vocalist Scott Ralph wrote all of the songs with guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick and there is a family feel to the album, emphasised by the production by the same team. They have caught the feel of a great big band without losing the immediacy of the music by overdoing the dubs and production.

I’d love to catch them live but for the moment I’ll just settle in and enjoy this set.