Mind blown!
I have been living with this album for weeks, delving into the myriad rhythms, lifting the lid on the outrageous multi-textured melodies and wallowing in the colour palette of the music.
I cannot remember an album for years that has had me bouncing around quite as much as this and certainly not one that has brought a bigger smile to my face.

The band themselves hail from Mexico City but the music has all the richness of deep layers of music from all across South & Central America. Mambo hits cumbia and butts up against Cha Cha while the psychedelic explosiveness of carnival seems to imbue the whole record with a sense of otherworldly wonder.

The playing is superb but also has a touch of humour and a ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ sharpness about it and I found myself wondering a few times “why did they do THAT and how the hell did they think it would work – but it does”.

While there is absolutely no comparison with Prog music of the late sixties & early seventies it is filled with the same unfettered belief that you can try anything and if it works then go with it – no limits, no borders and absolutely no fences.

I won’t dig into specific tracks, they are all special and while they all stand alone they work best as a collective.

This album isn’t just special, I would have to say that it is important – nothing else goes where Sonido Gallo Negro takes you and it is a wonderful ride.