This pub has played host to many punk bands in the 70's including The Ramones , X - Ray Spex, Joy Division had their debut London gig here and the Damned recorded the promotional video for ' New Rose' in the basement. In the 80's it closed . It has reopened recently. The new manager wants to get that grassroots culture going again,similar to what this pub had in the 70's.

The pub seemed friendly with punks drinking and talking.I went to the basement, the first band were on Moto Vamp. I was treated to a beautiful raw sounding band as I got in. Moto Vamp are influenced by the Stooges, NYD, Sabbath,Motörhead and the MC5. The First song I hear is raw energy, Lily's voice sounds a bit like Polly Styrene, good solid guitarists and drummer to compliment Lily.

'I want you but I don't need you' Lily plays guitar too and is proficient in its execution.Lily has a good, powerful voice and it compliments the powerful punk/trashy sound of the band. The next song Lily sounds a little like Suzi Quattro.

The place is jam packed with a mixed crowd.It's a good place for a punk night.The next Song has an echo and fuzz sound 'you've got nothing but mechanical love for me' again great vocals,drums and guitar.The crowd cheer. Lily commands the stage.The next song sounds like the Ramones mixed with X- Ray Spex. The next song is a bit seventies with her blond hair, blue eye make up and dressed in black, Lily channels Marianne Faithful in 'The girl on a motorcycle' film. A short set but no song sounding like the last one. I would recommend this band and hope people support this club.

Photo credit: Mary-Rose Storey