Stone Stanley have been around for around 8 or nine years but this album sees a big change in their sound and all for the good – this is a terrific album, full of grit and soul and steeped in the Blues.

Lead man is Jason Robert and his hard edged vocal and slide guitar is very well backed by a revolving set of musicians who add immeasurably to his vision.
The lineup is:
Jason Robert :drums, guitars, vocals and percussion.
Scott Longnecker: bass
Ralph Gilbert: guitar
Dan Stevens :percussion

The album crosses all the boundaries between Americana, Blues and folk and his music has a kind of manic intensity that you rarely come across these days whether it is the plodding and powerful ‘So Glad’ celebrating the feeling of freedom at the end of a relationship or the country ‘Beast Inside’ with its wailing slide or ‘Iroquois Chant’ – dark intonations against a heavy beat.

The album was recorded ‘live’ in the studio and that all adds to the sense of togetherness and the powerful intimidation of the music – these are guys who are comfortable with the music and are allowed to play – this doesn’t feel like a series of overdubs or ‘phoned in’ performances.

Personal favorite is ‘Be With Me’ which sounds as though it could be the Big Damn Band – deranged slide and hollered vocals over solid drums. It leads beautifully into ‘Unfaithful Woman’, soulful and emotive instrumental that is a perfect partner to ‘Be With Me’

I don’t know if it available in the UK but it should be – this is one of the better and more edgy albums I’ve heard this year.