Anyone present at a packed Dingwalls last night knows that something special happened in front of their very eyes.

Fantastic Negrito played a full 90 minute set full of his hard Blues/funk, taking the crowd on a journey through his soul. He never stopped moving, posing and exhorting the audience to sing with him and they responded with gusto, getting into the music and loving every moment of his show.

The gig was part of the first annual Future Juke: A Festival Of 21st Century Blues

Everything about his music has a punk edge to it, steeped in the Blues and crossing into jazz, funk and gospel territory but he is a unique performer, taking from all sources and creating something that is instantly recognizable only as Fantastic Negrito,

He had a stunning band with him but your eyes could never leave him as his charisma grabbed centre stage and held it for the entire set.

Even issues with his guitar couldn’t throw him as he just carried on and delivered for song after song.
Fantastic Negrito is one of the most vital musicians around at the moment and I got the feeling that any show he puts on will be special, this goes immediately to the top of the shows I have seen this year.

Support band Miraculous Mule laid down some excellent punk/Blues and as a warm up they were perfect – now I want to see them do a full set.