In the words of pop starlet Kelly Clarkson "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Never more has this been applicable than to Vienna based musician Inner Tongue's debut album 'Favours' which comes after an incredible personal battle. In 2013 he was diagnosed with a rare vocal-cord disorder. One that was so rare and so severe that there were only a handful of specialists globally that were capable of completing the procedure needed to save his voice.

Having found a surgeon willing to undertake the surgery, and funded it all personally, Inner Tongue was left for several months unable to talk in order to allow his vocal chords to recover. During this time singing was definitely out of the question. So, he explains, “I decided to modify my musical focus temporarily by writing songs which could produce a melodic tension without vocals, but which featured the traits of forward-looking pop music. It was as if someone had pressed a reset button on the musical identity I had of myself.”

Now fully recovered, he has spend the years since building up to the release of 'Favours'. With shows played in support of Everything Everything and German wunderkind Get Well Soon, and critical love building with each track shared online, 'Favours' arrived with much anticipation. Combining nonchalant beats with the lightness of touch that distinguishes Death Cab For Cutie, the heartfelt perfection of Sohn, and the intuition evident in Chet Faker, it's an album to loose yourself in for hours at a time. From the languid beats of 'Next Life', the dreamy 'Underworld', the subtle-drive of 'Dig Deeper' and the piano led alt-pop ballad that is 'Teeth. it's an album relentless in its beauty, from a man making some of the most beautiful forward looking alt-pop of 2018

Inner Tongue ‘Favours’ tracklisting:

1. Lamaq Part I
2. Dig Deeper
3. Wallbreaker
4. Next Life
5. New York
6. 2 Seconds
7. Teeth
8. Somebody Knows It
9. Fallen Empire
10. Underworld
11. Catch
12. Lamac Part II