The overall feel of this album is dark and brooding, a sense of melancholy, all set in a tone palette very much like the early Eagles – before they went ‘showbiz’.

Andrew Sigworth (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Anthony Pace (Lap steel guitar, dobro), Ozzie Andrew (basses & tuba) & Brian Williams (drums, percussion) are excellent musicians hailing from Southwestern Michigan and they have created an excellent album that bears repeated listening to without getting stale or even too familiar.

Lyrically they don’t break any great new grounds but as a musical piece the songs have real weight and Chris DuPont’s production has created a huge space in which the music lives, not bounded by anything other than the musicians vision.

The pace changes up between the steady marching rhythm of ‘Frozen Ground’ or cheerful country bop of ‘Adeline’ and ‘Daniel’ that drives at pace but all through the biggest ingredient is Sigworth’s vocal.

Each and every track stands on its own and after listening to the album through a number of times I found playing the numbers in isolation didn’t take anything from them. Some fine songwriting in evidence here.

There is a lot here that you won’t hear in typical country or Americana albums, the variations in pace and occasional surprises such as Christina Furtado’s cello on ‘Change’ adding depth to the song .

Fine album from excellent musicians.