Locks are singer Locks Geary-Griffin and percussionist Andy Marvell very ably supported by double bass player Mike Byrne and fiddler Marian McClenagan. I hadn’t heard them before but their particular take on alt-folk hits a very satisfying spot.

Musically, this is as much cabaret as folk with the music holding on to the edges of breakdown. They revolve around Geary-Griffin’s desperate and mannered vocals but every note is played with aplomb and no little talent. It takes skill to play on the rough edge and make the kind of sinuous and rhythmic music that they do.

Byrne’s bass has a wonderful ‘slap’ to it on tracks such as ‘White Tape’ while McClenagan’s fiddle is there as either a rhythmic tone or carrying the melody on ‘Bodies’ but the echoey tub thumping of Andy Marvell really leads the band and the whole thing revolves around Geary-Griffin and her impassioned vocal stylings.

A surprisingly good album and one well worth spending some time with.