Prestigious bassist for Gary Numan and front man for The Strange, Tim Muddiman will be releasing his sparkling new album, "Domino Blitz", one of the most compelling and prolific albums to appear this year....The album will be available for pre-order on May 11th...and will be released on all Digital platforms immediately after.

"Independently minded and musically directional, Domino Blitz goes to places that most people could hardly begin to dream in a world gone crazy and controlled by the 1%. It speaks of a less corporate existence and concentrates on the things that make humans flow into places that are full of wonder and navigate the journey of strong mixed emotions throughout the entire album".

"Domino Blitz" is a captivating entrance into a brush with insanity, destiny, and the world in which we live, in a polychromatic insightful fashion. It's orgasmic music and intuitive and penetrating lyrics are addicting and demand attention!

In an in-depth interview, Tim revealed the quiescence of the album.... his musical view points...and lots more...

The album is amazing...tell me some of your crazy inspirations for the lyrics of those Wild songs...

I put a picture of Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Shane MacGowan, and PJ Harvey above my studio because I thought, " don't divert, try and be as good as those four people."

Like the secret?

That's what I thought....but I had to take them down because I was getting intimidated by them. "How could you be so good you mother fuckers"? I thought they were some of the best lyricists, in my generation anyway. I like PJ Harvey's vibe probably more than I like some of the lyrics. So the influence was I go to these great places that exist in my imagination, so I can just begin to learn about the story .....and that's what I did. Undoubtedly it inspired that are true and somethings that I wish that I could do or things that I've dreamt about...

So in Rat Ballads...did you really step on the broken necks of rats in New York...because I can literally see that happening?

No I didn't, no...but it could happen absolutely in New Hell's Kitchen...

We saw some in our hotel in Camden....

It's got rats?

It does...

It's not cool...the thing about broken backs of rats, I've always been interested in the history of New York. I read about it so much, and have the Irish move to New York...

Are you a little Irish?

My ancestors are gypsies. I've never done a D&A test but it's quite romantic anyway. That time that's amazing. So yeah, that was the inspiration.

What's your favorite song on the album?

Rat Ballads. It was the one that took me the longest to write and I love jazz and blues. So it's kind of jazzy, and a bit weird. I put an Irish jig at the end of it. I did everything on my own, but I programmed the drums and I wish I had a live drummer. But it would have taken a lot longer, and I'm pretty controlling, the drummer would have killed me and would never have wanted to see me again...I've lost enough friends over music. But the album is cool and I'm really pleased with it. It's different from the first album. The first album was more about this in sane woman that I went out with, and this one is about enjoying myself.

You should write a book then...

I'm dying to write a book. I've had a few things published in Huffington Post.

Tracking List “Domino Blitz”
1. Broken Down Superstar
2. Thrill
3. Get It On
4. Domino Blitz
5. Summer Moon
6. From the Hills
7. Wild Horses
8. Rat Ballads
9. White Dove
10.Burn the Witches
11.Clark Gable
12.Out of This World
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