Jenn Bostic has steadily built herself a niche in the British music scene. Having started out with a soft Christian contemporary sound she has dabbled with elements of Country, Pop and Blues over the course of her first three studio albums.

The experimentation paid off, for not only did she win herself a place in the hearts of a very loyal fanbase, but she has enjoyed mainstream coverage and radio exposure that has ensured she has been allowed to take her time while recording her fourth studio album, With the wait finally over, is Revival the album which will see her explode fully into the mainstream consciousness?

For those wanting a continuation of the light Country pop that shaped her 2015 release Faithful, Revival will prove a disappointment. For those happy to allow an artist to effortlessly flow between genres without need for explanation, Revival will become one of your favourite records of 2018. For while it does have fleeting Country influences, it leans more heavily on Rock and Gospel to shape its sound. Yet it impressively manages to defy need for classification,
for it simply shines on its own merits.

Bostic boasts an impressive vocal that shines brightest when she really feels the words she sings. This combination means the brutal Lonely is a powerful listen, which will make you feel every word from your very core. Equally notable is the stunning melody of the near perfect Haunting Me.

With each twist and turn that the record takes proving increasingly interesting and intriguing, it is Bostic's vocal that shines the brightest. While time alone will prove whether this obtains the status it deserves, we suggest you simply invite Bostic into your life and add this to your collection.