Not what I was expecting, I must admit. I expected a monstrous hard rock blaster with no subtlety and all attitude. What they deliver is raw, hard edged Southern-style Blues/rock but with a distinct psychedelic edge and no shortage of terrific playing.
Colour me delighted!
DeWolff are a Dutch three-piece comprising brothers Pablo & Luka van der Poel plus Robin Piso on Hammond. In the eleven years they have been together they have learnt their craft and been spotted by the likes of Roger Glover and Ten Years After, supported The Black Keys, Blues Pills and Deep Purple and played the Paradiso in Amsterdam as well as Pink Pop Festival – oh and random shows for millionaire Russians and biker gangs!

What really turns me on about this album is that there really is no-one else around doing what they do. They play hard and loud for sure but they are loaded with melodies and are capable of taking off at a moments notice into a jam or a ballad. The bands that they sound most like are miles away from the mainstream but around every corner is something fresh and new. The unexpected is goood.

The songs are all very different from each other, whether it is a statement on Trumpian politics or a diatribe against the gambling society we are finding ourselves in but they aren’t dry or ‘up themselves’ – the message is within a really listenable sound.

It is so good to hear a band who feature a Hammond but don’t subsume everything to it and their recording studio is completely analogue so the natural sound is captured all through.

I’m looking forward to hearing them live in Camden this month – watch out for them, this is special.