The EP opens with a charge like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart.

‘We Are All Going To Die’ has an enormous riff and machine gun drums behind impassioned indie vocals – a little like a raw and very young U2, packed with energy and the power of youth. Quite a start.

‘Daisy, It’s The New Me’ has a very different groove, insistent riffing but a more measured pace but then they give you the delicious ‘Ghost Boy’, a meandering soundscape with an insistent bass line that keeps your attention. These guys know how to build the impetus of a track.

The title track of the EP is back to their punk riffing, very Blink 182 and a great, thumping, bass line.
They close the EP on ‘Setting Sun’, a lovely wash of sound, mesmeric in its constant drip drip of guitar and carrying the awe and splendour of sunset at the beach.

I get the feeling that they are very young and still developing their own sound, there is nothing here to offend and a couple of tracks that are quite lovely. A band to keep an eye on methinks.

They are playing the Siren Festival Preview in London tomorrow – worth catching.