It’s been 27 years since two of Stourbridge’s finest exports, The Wonder Stuff and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, have shared a stage, and now they announce a one-off, 12-date, double-headline UK tour in spring 2018.

The two bands grew up alongside one another, in the heyday of the ‘Stourbridge Scene’ and their first ever live show together was on The Wonder Stuff’s ‘Disco King’ tour at the legendary Hummingbird in Birmingham. caught up with Miles and John to find out more...

Miles Hunt – The Wonder Stuff
Jonn Penney – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Miles, Jonn, it's a co headliner, so how's it going to work? Will you alternate top billing each night? If so how do you decide who goes first? Toss of a coin, arm wrestle, drinking competition?

Miles - Depends who gets there first….
Jonn - Race you Miles!

You both have extensive back catalogues. Has it been easy compiling a setlist? Will you be sticking to the same set each night or will you be mixing it up a bit? We suspect there may be more than a few fans going to more than one gig on the tour!

Jonn - It’s quite easy because we know what the live faves tend to be. We’ll probably be playing to a fair few fans who haven’t seen us live for 20+ years so we won’t be too obscure, but we will mix it up a bit as we go.
Miles - It’s always easy, compiling set lists, it has been part of my job for over three decades now.

On that note, do you have fans that you recognise that turn up every time you play?
Jonn - We do indeed - from all over the planet too. We are blessed!
Miles - Yes, bless ‘em.

Miles, we love 30 Goes Around The Sun, will you be sticking a couple from the album into the set?

Jonn, it's been a while since we heard any new Neds material. Are there any plans to record any new material? If so will you be giving us a sneak preview on the tour?

There may well be a new song rearing its ugly head…
We've heard that you've got a real ale coming out for the tour. How did this come about and will it be available at every venue? If so Music-News looks forward to raising a glass of Ned's Wonder with you at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on Saturday night!

Jonn – Yes, it’s called Ned’s Wonder. It’s a collaboration with Frothblowers Brewery who are from Birmingham. It’s going to be available at all venues on the tour for our thirsty fans! I think it is probably the nectar of the gods just dripping down from heaven … something like that anyway ha ha. Cheers!

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