Amazingly three years have passed since Hull songsmith Calum Scott appeared on Britain's Got Talent and stole hearts with his soulful vocals. A year later he reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart with his emotional reworking of Robyn's epic anthem Dancing On My Own. 2016 saw him nominated for the Best Single at the Brit Awards and teased his début album, with the impressive single Rhythm Inside. With baby steps taken each year towards a fully fledged career as a recording artist, his dedicated and loyal fan base are ready and waiting for his début album, which finally arrives in the shape of Only Human.

Only Human ticks all the boxes it needs to. It is the heartfelt soulful pop that his fans know and love. A personal collection, it is a rewarding and moving listen that sheds light on who he really is.

While this was clear through his well selected cover versions on Britain's Got Talent, it is even more compelling when hearing a body of work that feels even more true to who he is.

From the truly rewarding If Our Love Is Wrong, which sees him confront those who simply refused to understand his true self, through the empowering Give Me Something, which explores the notion of a one-sided love, the lyrics do not shy away from heartbreak and hurt, while his ever poignant vocal will give you the tingles.

Although Scott is unafraid of sharing the not so enjoyable side of life, he is equally capable of uplifting anthems. Current single, You Are The Reason, is a prime example. Whether the Leona Lewis duet or the solo rendition, this is one of the songs that will quietly add an extra spring in your step. However, it is album highlight Human, which explores impulsive love and desire that really showcases what Scott is capable of as an artist.

Naturally his much-celebrated cover of Dancing On My Own makes an appearance, but it is far from the album highlight. Yes, it may have put him on the map but Only Human has much more Scott that was initially apparent.

Joining Human as stand out songs are Only You and Won't Let You Down.

Overall this is an album that not only meets all expectations, but it exceeds them time and again.