Not my usual fare but there is something rather charming about the sound of the Straw Family - 4 musicians and singers from the same family and a 3-man rhythm band.

Sally, Carsten, Henriette and Denise Fabricius are the family members and they are backed up by bassist Helge Solberg, drummer Carsten Milner, and guitarist Frederik Nordvang.

I would put their sound in the country rock vein but the main attack is the ladies 4 strong vocal and Nordvang’s guitar lines and their music is packed with emotional and melodic content.

They stay well away from the stock American phrasing and on songs such as ‘Family And Friends’ their harmonies and the clean soprano of the backing vocals is positively in the Nordic folk style but then a number like ‘Bang Bang’ comes out of the woods and they hit a perfect soft-rock stream.

‘Spider Making New Web’ is probably my favourite track – almost stark but with a beautidul vocal – just on the right side of submissive.

The thing that impresses most is the commitment in their writing and singing and with every listen it grows on me a little more.

They aren’t setting new standards or building unheard towers but they have made an album that is never less than good and often very good to listen to.