East-London Electronic Soul duo 'Equals' - James Low and Ade Omotayo - have unveiled their compellingly groovy, yet complex new Anti-Brexit track 'Letter To Leave', featuring guest production from Ghosttown (High Focus) and Loxe (Nao).

The track offers a magnifying glass into Equals' distinctive mishmash of musical influences, ranging from 80's off-beat bass licks and blissed-out soul beats, fused with contemporary pop patterns, nodding to the likes of Prince, Frank Ocean and James Blake. Meticulous attention to detail rewards repeated listens with layer upon layer in this rich tapestried creation.

The velvety bass sounds invoke joy to the senses no sooner than the lyrics slap you with some cold reality, with its otherwise poignant purpose. Written in the days immediately following the Brexit referendum vote, in James' own words 'Letter To Leave' represents "a rabbit punch and an olive branch to leave voters" an impulsive response followed by an appeal for common ground on the impending reality that is now Brexit and its consequences for the people.

Beginning as an acerbic response to the rise of racist abuse following the vote, "We can't go back we're where we're from" sings Ade on the first verse. The lyrics then appeal for common ground and note that working class Leave voters and migrants working in big cities have more in common with each other than they do the politicians who got us here.

The accompanying affecting black and white video "offers powerful portraits opening a window on the impending reality that is now Brexit, showing the people that are affected by the inexorable changes it implies".

The single is taken from the duo's upcoming debut album '1997', due for release on April 27th.